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Study Aids

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Links Most of these resources are free. There are a few that include items for sale.

American Baptist Association

The ABA web site has various information. We also have a bookstore that contains a variety of study material, including books written by ABA authors.

The bookstore has special links listing books relating to our Sunday School and BTC course material each quarter.

Bogard Press Apps are Available in iTunes & the Android Market. Go to Bogard Press Books for more details.

This ABA material has 13 lessons and a test for each one. The test can be completed on line or printed and mailed for grading. The lesson worksheets need to be printed. The lesson topics are: the Bible, God, Salvation, Prayer,  Security of the Believer, Heaven and Hell, Baptism, the Church, Pastors and Deacons, the Lord's Supper, Rewards and Chastisement, Missions, and  God's Plan for Giving.

E-Sword is a free software program used for Bible study. Various translations of the Bible are available for individual download, as are various commentaries, dictionaries, graphics and other Bible study tools. Most are free, a few have a cost due to the holder of the copyright.

Bible Walks has photographs, maps and historical information about places, structures, and nature in the Bible lands.

Historic views of places, people, and lifestyles in the Bible lands. Includes old photographs (example 1890s and maps.

Manners and Customs of Bible Lands

by Fred H. Wight. Each chapter is his book is available as a PDF file.