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Jesus Still Saves

How Do I Make the Bible A Familiar Friend?

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Maximize church activities connected with the Bible
Mentally engage during the sermon, lesson, singing or discussion
Explore the thought, evaluate the statements made
Connect with God from your heart
Make personal life applications
Study before, study after
Write notes for later review

Techniques for private Bible study
eek information on subjects of immediate interest or personal curiosity
Make notes, and organize them by topic or by scripture text
Read the Bible for pleasure
Read it for the adventure stories, love stories, history, poetry, literature
Commit to a comprehensive study of the Bible

Choose Bible study helps carefully. Suggested helps are:
Use the cross references in your Bible, add your own
Use the abbreviated concordance in your Bible

If you can only buy one study help, buy a good, all-purpose dictionary.
Then add:
a complete concordance
a topical Bible, one with the scripture text included is best
a Bible dictionary or encyclopedia

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10:45  Worship Service

6:00 Evening Worship Service

1st Sunday Each Month

Fellowship Lunch


870-995-2524 Pastor's Phone

Matthew Grantham, Pastor


Dayspring Baptist Church  

21811 Highway 365 North

P.O. Box 13166

Maumelle, AR 72113

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We fellowship with the American Baptist Association

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